Sunday, March 7, 2010

Perfect Bag and Perfect Pattern

Last year my friend Courtney who along with her sister owns the local quilt store, gave me a bags she made for my birthday. I LOVE my slouch bag and carried it all summer and most of the fall. I should have taken the time to scotch guard, but like many things in life . . . it got away from me. I have washed it many times and since the snow has melted her, started carrying it again. This bag is the perfect size, has a fun slouch to it and just really works for me - fun to carry and also functional. Since Courtney started making these a few years ago, she has been asked and asked to make a pattern for it. Along with some quilt patterns she worked on the bag pattern and has it for sale in her shop. Friday I had a chance to make the bag and now I can really say - I LOVE THIS BAG - using it and making it! You can tell Courtney teaches people all the time, the pattern is very easy to follow and the bag is quick and fun to make. I had it done in under 3 hours. Putting in the zipper in the front is a breeze and that is one of the features I love about the bag. Slouch Bag Vacation Bag Zipper - easy to put in We are going on vacation to Cabo San Lucas in exactly a month and I needed a fun new bag. I must say I am really loving Tanya Whelan's Dolce line and plan to make a few more of these bags in the other colorways. I will share the link when Courtney's patterns are available on-line, but here is the general link to the shop. It is called the slouch bag and it is fabulous!

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I love it! suzie. xxx

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