Sunday, March 14, 2010

Liberty of London - Toddler Fashion

Quite the look
This is quite the look, right? Although I was looking for and expecting fun accessories for me and the home today at the Target launch of their Liberty of London items, I was thrilled to find (I actually unpacked a few items from the boxes the Target employees were putting out) lots of toddler fashion! We are going on vacation in a couple weeks to Mexico and everyone but Ellie was set with warm weather clothes. I was about to order her some swim suits and a couple cute dresses on-line. So imagine my surprise when I found these . . .
Dresses for Ellie
The best part all four dresses and two bathing suits cost less than the one dress and suit I was going to purchase and I LOVE these! When in England I always wanted to spring for something from Liberty, but beside the occasional piece of fabric, never have. Okay back to the bathing suit shot. It was the first thing we tried on and then the battery on the camera went! So she kept the suit on and ran around our very warm house, while the battery charged. She added the boots and fleece when she decided to go out and grill with daddy. He sent her right in and questioned my parenting skills, dressing our almost three year old like this! After having a dance party in the bathing suit with the boys, she let me try on the dresses. I think they are all keepers!
Easter DressRomperDSC_0017.JPGToddler DressToddler DressBathing Suit
And yes to family and friends who are wondering, I do LOVE having a girl.
The reason for the Target run was really to check out the Liberty stuff and get some file folders to stay organized for next years tax gathering shuffle. It must have been my lucky day, because who would of guessed they had Liberty file folders . . .
Gift Bags, File Box and Clipboard


megan said...

Kirsten she is just too cute. We are also going to Mexico in May, and I think Lucy and I will be in full Liberty attire! We are off to Target this morning, I hope mine hasn't been picked clean yet!

Sarah said...

mine had NONE yesterday just those awesome fishnets.. lol maybe I better check again

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