Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Hands

Meant to post this before we headed out on Thanksgiving Day . . . better late than never. Some artwork the little kids made at pre-school (i think this is actually Ellie's hands and Sam decorated it) Will finish this post later with some pictures from our Thanksgiving later today . . .

Friday, November 20, 2009

Flea Market Fancy Giveaway - Check it out!

Wonderful giveaway on the Flea Market Fancy Blog, check it out! Oh how I wish that this line could get reprinted . . . and if you do to, please sign the petition to Bring it Back! The hope is that enough of us will sign to show Free Spirit that there is a market for this wonderful fabric! Hope Valley has just been launched by Denyse and it is lovely, but to me it will be hard to replace FMF. So enter the giveaway, sign the petition and lets bring it back!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scrapbook Designs make great holiday fabrics

Will try a slightly bigger pillow formHoliday Pillow for Niece
Have my string block/pillow making mojo going still and thought, how about a holiday pillow. Thinking it will make a fun holiday gift and the pillow without the form will be easy to send to Seattle and then I can buy a form when I get there. I think I am going to try and make a few more for various family members. I have had this fabric for a month or so, but didn't want to cut into it it is so cute! Then I found out my local fabric store and second home, KC Custom Fabrics was getting it in and decided I could get out the rotary cutter since more would be available soon!
Max had a fun day today with a readers' celebration at school. He has really taken off this year with his reading and we are thrilled. They got to take a stuffed animal and their favorite book to school for the party. He took Finn the Webkiz pug and Diary of A Whimpy Kid, Dogdays. He snagged the pillow as soon as I finished for a dogbed. So it looks as if I will be making a dog bed for his stuffed dogs for the holidays. He requested some guy colors so his dogs would feel proud of their bed. Too funny! I do think I will have to tone down the sewing for Ellie, both boys are starting to get jealous. I also sew more for my three nieces than for the boys. I have found some fun boyish fabrics lately, so maybe in the new year. I am as bad as Ellie is with the sparkle shoes with pink and girly fabrics!
Batman was a wildman today and I really didn't get a lot of needed sewing or glazing done. All these craft shows are starting to freak me out! Lots to do in the next couple days!
Max and FinnHe loves itWildman/Batman
Shiny Pink Shoes
Photo by Ellie
Ellie somehow snapped the photo of herself when I was trying to get her to stand still . . .it captured what I was trying to get, the shiny pink shoes. She has been sporting them everyday since Halloween and they really do go with everything! Today I did get her to put boots on when we went out, but as soon as she crosses the threshold, she is back in the sparkle shoes as she refers to them.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Too good to be true

Hands off- this is Mommy's!Moved to tearsI received the most amazing parcel in the mail today.  It moved me to tears.  Yes I opened it in the driveway and then I sat and cried.  Every have one of those days?  Life has been a little scary and a little crazy lately.  I was just coming home from an appointment where I actually got great news, I was realizing how much I have to be thankful for and then I stopped at the mailbox.  When I saw the Shinzo Katoh Little Red Riding Hood Tape on the box and then saw my friend Amy's name . . . I started to cry.Look at the packaging tape
I knew what was inside the box.  I knew the time, love and effort she put into this.  The friends and care people in this online community have for one another is moving.  I have felt a connection to Amy since the first photo of hers I commented on.  She is generous, funny, talented, energetic, inspirational and just one of those people I wish I had in my life each day.  This swap touched me.  Amy stitched this amazing piece when she was fighting the H1N1 and also nursing her children back to health.  She sketched the piece and created the whole thing.  It is so beautiful I could look all day.  It is so wonderful to be in the company of people whose creativity inspires me.  To receive a gift where someone takes the time to learn what you like and then creates something just for you.  Anyone who has made something by hand for another and then perhaps gets a quick thanks, knows how awful it feels to pour your heart into something and then have it not be appreciated.  I think this is one of the reasons I love some of the swap groups and friends I have made online - we all appreciate a hand-crafted gift and the process of making something for a like minded soul.Fabrics too!Contents of packageWonderful mini too!
Amy, I can't thank-you enough.  It is lovely.  Amazing.  Breath-taking.  You get me and I LOVE her.  

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Naptime Sewing

Finished the pillow for the pillow swap I joined. Can't wait to send it on its way in the morning. I hope my partner likes it. She loves warm colors, natural linen and geometric shapes . . . hope this fits! I am thrilled I joined this swap. It pushed my comfort level and now I feel ready to tackle another pillow and also a more paper piecing and strip quilts!
Pillow for Swap - Ready to SendClose up of quilting
I love how the simple quilting turned out and will be quilting this way again for sure. It is a lot of stopping and starting, but I think the top stitched organic look is worth it!
Back of Pillow
Child size oven mittLittle Red Crayon RollCrayon Roll
Ellie requested a "cooking glove" and is always stealing ours when she gets busy cooking dinner in the playroom. Will have to make a manly version for Sam, the poor guy is always stuck with pink and often these days sparkles too! Then a few crayon rolls maybe for holiday gifts?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

String Blocks

I had more fun making these blocks than a person should have at their sewing machine. Used Ashley's fabulous tutorial, you can find it here. Today I ended up making them a little wonky so the ivory linen didn't match up exactly since it will be a pillow, wanted it a little unexpected. The quilting was fun, I did organic lines in a ivory thread. The effect is simple, warm and fun . . . I am loving how it is coming out and hope my swap partner will love it as well. Pictures soon!

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