Thursday, August 27, 2009

Campaign to Bring Flea Market Fancy Back

Hands down this is my favorite fabric line.  I find it makes its way into almost every project.  I have spent the summer swapping, buying, dreaming and finding this fabric.  Along the way I have had a lot of partners in crime . . . or at least my husband would think so.  This line has taken me away from both household chores, the gym and sleep . . . as I swap and search for more.  A campaign has been started to bring it back . . . ohhhh would I love to walk into a shop and see the line on bolts!  I find myself not using it in large pieces now, because I don't want to part or cut into it.
Two reasons rule why I am crazy for this . . . the first is the colorways - perfect!  Then the mix of scale of the various prints is what gets me.  Also it is the perfect mix of old classic looks with a modern twist.  The photo above is perhaps my favorite stack from my stash . . . I can't get enough (literally) of the large blue bouquet . . . and then the seedlings, how I love the seedlings!
So in order to help the Flea Market Fancy bring it back campaign, please go here and leave a comment.  With a little luck and a smart business plan, the folks at Free Spirit along with designer Denyse Schmidt might bring it back!
Isn't it lovely?!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

All the cool kids are making them . . .

After seeing Amber's blog about all the fun at her daughter's birthday party, I realized I hadn't made any ponytail holders for myself in awhile.  I have been trading, buying and dreaming of fabric and decided what a fun way to spend time watching TV.  Here are a few I made last night and I have a bunch more ready to go.  
Another goal for September, is to learn how to post a tutorial.  Perhaps I will give it a go tonight.  Ponytail holders are probably the best way to start, so look for it soon!  Until then aren't these cute ?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family, fun and Smiles

Baby Taylor
We have been doing a lot of smiling, hanging out together and having fun over the last two weeks. My mom, sister, BIL, and wonderful new niece Taylor have been visiting from Seattle. It has been so great to have them here and just being able to be together and have fun. Each day we have done a little swimming, sightseeing, eating all kinds of things from local farm stands, ICE CREAM way TOO much, and some road trips to see even more relatives! It has been a wonderful couple weeks and I am very sad to see it coming to an end in a couple days. My mom will be back in the fall, but we won't see Karyn and her family until CHRISTMAS in SEATTLE!
It is way too fun to have Taylor here and great to be able to try things on her!
Cheeky MonkeyCaught him smiling!Our Happy GirlHappy Sam is a Sam with his binkySo Sweet
We have had lots of fun family times including a trip to a Petting Zoo in Williamstown which is always a favorite with all the kids. Sam started off a little shy, but in the end was feeding the bunnies and loving it. The larger animals are not his favorite quite yet. Ellie ran around in her squeeky shoes and was a wild child running from animal to animal. Max loved holding all the little ones and really loves this place. Having Uncle Eric with him made it super fun.
During our family visit to Erie, we stayed at a hotel connected to a large indoor waterpark, which was great to spend time in every am and before bed each night. I think a few hours at a time in a waterpark is enough! All the kids (big and small) loved it. Max had both Aunt Karyn and Uncle Tony and Daddy to go on the big slides, while Ellie and Sam loved the kiddie pool. They both were not into the slides, but Sam loved the water. The first day back home Sam swam really swan and starting enjoying the pool. Will have to mark his swimming with some photos and a blog post soon!
Finally a little sewing. At some point this blog might actually have some creative content! A good friend just had twin girls who are joining their two older brothers to make one awesome and gender balanced family! These dresses were so fun to make and I love how they turned out. The tutorial is here.
Gift for Friend's Twin Girls

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Itty Bitty Dress and Favorite Little People make BIG Messes

Dress Bodice and Lining
Itty Bitty Dress for Taylor
My sister had a baby in early June and we have been counting the days until my mom, sister, and new baby Taylor arrive for a two week visit. The waiting is almost over! I went a little crazy making things for her shower and have wished I had kept something back for her birth. It was killing me not doing something new, so today when Ellie and Sam napped, I made a Itty Bitty Dress for Taylor and it is hanging in the guest room waiting for her! It is from a great tutorial here.
How can you get mad at this face?
Sam really love ice cream or as he calls it "ict ceeeam". Anytime we drive by a ice cream stand, he goes nuts. When he wakes up he suggests, "car, ict ceeeam" So today I gave in. This was the result. He got out of his seat and got into his big brothers seat and made a huge mess. Painted himself with ice cream really. Gross, really gross!
Messed up big brother's booster seatBody paint or Ice Cream?
Shirt Girl
The moment I have been both dreading and excited for has finally come true. Ellie is dressing herself and picking out her own outfits. She will not put on what I want her to without a BIG fight. So today she left the house with a diaper on, big girl underwear, elmo pj top on as pants (arms dangling as she runs), a nightgown, t-shirt of Max's, a winter mitten of mine, bathing suit cover-up and a swim shirt. She finished it off by carrying her bunny and wearing her favorite pink rain boots! I think this is the start of something . . .
Rear view with PJ sleeves hanging outRefusing to take stuff off

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Can't stop Making Sundresses

Each time I teach this class, I seem to make yet another sundress for Ellie. They are cute, less than a yard of fabric and just fun to make. Now to just get miss E to sit still so I can take a photo. This was the best I got of her in the latest shirred dress!

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