Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hexagons, new addiction!

Nights worth - this is addictiveBasket of Squares ready for bastingCrazy fun!
Ordered some die cut hexagons and they arrived on Thursday. Cut some squares and stitched up a few Thursday night, since then it is all I can think about. Going away tonight with dear husband to celebrate our anniversary and all I want to do is stay in, build a fire, watch a movie and hand sew these bad boys. Can I ask that the kids leave for the night, below zero isn't that cold . . .
Have a nice weekend

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pillow Swap Two - Way too much info for my partner!

Inspiration for Pillow Swap II
The first Pillow Swap was such an inspiration.  So many that I love, I would have been thrilled with any of them.  Here are some of my favorites, such an inspiration.  I loved the String Block pillows I made for the swap and then also for my sister in fun holiday fabrics - I have that on my list to make for us very soon!  
We need lots of pillows in our home and they are on my list.  Here is a breakdown of the color scheme in our home and where we need pillows. . . that being said dear partner - I AM VERY GRATEFUL for anything and really love all colors and fabrics.  Well maybe not asian florals, country prints not so much, but french country I love. 
Master bedroom is in need for some pillows.  The colors are chocolate brown and a nantucket blue.  Anything in the blues and browns or natural linen with those colors would look great on the bed. The bed is an in a natural and brown ticking.  Soon after getting the bed we found ourselves with new babies and the bedroom decorating stopped.  We are just about to finish decorating the room to go with the cool bed!
Family room has a couple of large chocolate brown sofas and the colors are somewhat dark and need some fun.  Any colors and pop of color would look great on the sofa's!
Ellie's room (almost 3 year old daughter) Starting to decorate finally and we have a big built in with a natural canvas window seat.  Right now it has pink, green and blue random pillows - but the plan is to make bright fun pillows for a fun little girl.  I want to try all kinds of pillows here in all fun bright colors.  
Sam's room (almost 3) has navy bunk beds and random quilts and fun stuff.  Plan to make fun boyish pillows in robots, fun bright colors aqua, green, lime, orange  plan on using bits of munki to make it fun and funky.
Max's room (7 year old) Finishing a couple of quilts for this room in navy, red and white.  One quilt is of the Union Jack (we lived in England for a bit) and the other is a white quilt with red and navy stars with baseball images in red and blue.  Anything in the red, white and navy colors would look awesome in here. 
My sewing chair could use a fun pillow and anycolors at all would work for it.  So as you can see any room in our home could use a pillow and any color, design, etc would be cherished.  Thanks in advance for making a pillow for us!
Here are some of my favorites from the last swap
And this mosaic was inspiration for the first swap 
Pillow Swap Inspiration
DSC_0136.JPGPillow for Mom for X-mas
Max holding a pillow I made for my sister for x-mas, love these colors and then a pillow made for my mom, love these colors as well and would go great in our living room.
This is the string pillow I made for the last swap. It is sitting on our sofa here and these colors looked great in the room. I actually think anything would look good in this room, it is pretty neutral with dark sofas and light "latte" colored walls.
Pillow for Swap - Ready to SendClose up of quilting
Finally partner, sorry for all the info but I decided that more info is better than less. On all of the swaps lately I have had partners, who haven't even given color ideas and I have struggled. After reading their blog and stalking their photos on flickr, I still have no ideas. That being said, I will be thrilled with anything!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Potholder Pass

Potholder Inspiration, originally uploaded by threedancingmagpies.

On the top of my must make list for January- Potholders. Was thrilled to join this swap to actually make it happen. What fun to make a potholder for someone else and have someone make one for us! I hope to master a potholder handle with this pattern and then a lid cover from the book Patchwork Style.

Would love to have more people join in the fun -

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