Saturday, March 20, 2010

Knitting Needle Case

Needle Roll - Rolled UpMy needles have a home

My knitting needles are out of control and scattered all over the house and on loan to friends. I stopped using my needle cases over the last few years, as they have become a little dated both fabric wise and function wise. Large and chunky stitches have become mainstream to knitting and my cases were geared for lots of skinny needles. I have been thinking about making a new case for awhile, but this week actually did. The case has a space for all kinds of straight and double pointed needles. The back row holds longer needles all sizes and will even fit size 19's! Then the second row holds double points and scarf needles. The little pocket holds a tape measure and a few notions. I want to rework the design to include a zipper, but I think most likely I would always make a matching zipped pouch to accompany a needle case. I know with my own knitting bag, I really need a zippered pouch for stitch markers, pencil, scissors, small ruler, measuring tape, etc. I put most of my straight needles in the case right away and it works great! I love having organized needles and know that when I need to grab a needle, I can find it! Now if I could only figure out a pouch for my jumble of circular needles . . . .

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