Friday, March 26, 2010

Think I have a problem . . .

Little Folks Voile
Little Folks in Voile
Have to try some dresses in this, really love this one!
Couldn't resist
Needed the Hope Valley Print on top, but as long as they were sending a package . . .
More fabric fun
This was actually a must have- can't wait to stitch on the printed line fabric from Girl Friday. Needed the Hope Valley because it is my new fav!
What is Your Number?
Alexander Henry's What is your Number - LOVE this! Thanks to Jo the fabric bounty hunter for the tip on this one!
New Japanese print
Not really sure on the why for this one . . .
Japanese Kids Clothing Inspiration
Once or twice a year I have been snagging some Japanese craft books for inspiration. Have made many simple clothes items for the kids. Loving these and can't wait to get started with some designs!


Mary said...

Ha ha , I have that problem too. Who makes that lingerie print? It's so cute!

megan said...

If it makes you feel any better, you are certainly not alone!

Linnea said...

hahaha...if I had a blog this is exactly what I would be posting right now! minus the Japanese craft books though...I'm not that ambitious yet!
Hope you have fun with all of your new fabrics

Kate said...

I share that problem with you!!

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