Sunday, February 28, 2010

Send off to the Winter Olympics

We have had a very lazy weekend.

It started off on a high note with Max receiving a trophy for soccer, the Most Improved Player Award. It is a U-10 travel team and at 7 he is the youngest on the team by at least a year. He started off being a little shy with the older kids, but as the months have gone by, he has really become a part of the team and has learned so much. He was thrilled with the trophy and the coach's words and just loves playing soccer! He usually has practice first thing Saturday am, but this weekend we had a break!

So Saturday and Sunday consisted of staying inside and watching the snow, playing board games, watching the Olympics and then playing in the snow! Steve's brother arrived Friday night after spending two weeks in the Everglades and the Keys of Florida with our canoe- so he was dropping it off on his way home to Williamstown. It was great to hear about his trip and the fun he had with his friend Kellie. We are keeping our fingers crossed, we really like Kellie! The kids were thrilled and managed to get him to stay until Sunday afternoon.

Ellie and Sam had never really been sledding before, the last two winters we have walked them around the neighborhood or the state park on a sled, but never taken them down much of a hill. They were ready and had a blast. Sam, aka Danger Boy, has a need for speed. His first run down he went with brother Max, but from then on, he ran up the hill and went on his own! Ellie was a little more timid and doesn't like getting cold. She required an adult with her on the sled and wanted to be carried back up.

Max loves his Zipfy sled and in ode to the Olympics, he took a few skeleton and luge runs. He had everyone pile on the big sled to make a "Night Train" run for the gold.
Trimmed, Starched and Pressed
I did a little sewing. Ironing and starch worked miracles on my hexies.
They are lying flat and look wonderful. I sashed the pillows and made the cording. I hope to tackle a zipper on the back and sew it up tonight once the kids are asleep.

Also made a trial run at a pillow, based on this tutorial. It was really fun and easy to make. I think I will try another one when I get an extra hour to play this week.
PillowDetail of trim
So goodbye Winter Olympics we will miss you! Congrats on the medal count Team USA.

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