Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why do I wait until the very last minute?

Why? Why? Why, did I wait until a week before the shower to make a quilt?  I have known my friend is pregnant for quite awhile . . . but yet panic has to set in before I get busy.  Chasing after my toddlers yesterday at Max's baseball game I did the math.  If you want to get the quilt on the long-arm to be quilted, it should have been on the list for at least a week.  Okay the pattern I had in mind for this one, not happening.  I opted for a strip quilt with fabric I have been hoarding, Anna Marie Horner's Good Folks.  My friend loves pink and green and I think the colors will be a lovely contemporary take on traditional baby quilt.  I love how the top and back have come out.  So off I will rush to my local quilt shop today to see if it can be put into the schedule, if not I will be machine quilting this one myself.  Stay tuned.
Love the three Good Folk prints mixed with Alexander Henry's woodgrain and pears.
I have always loved the look of a back with a strip of the piecing from the top, can't wait to see the finished product.  I thought it would be so hard, but really after trimming everything square, I just had to add a piece to the top and bottom to make the back big enough for the quilt sandwich.
I really hope the long-arm schedule can work for me!  The girls at KC Fabric right here in Saratoga do such a nice job and it really makes the quilt.  Also having to fit in the quilting of the quilt would set me over the edge.  I still want to make a pair of shoes, a diaper and wipe envelope and some bibs.  After making so much for my sister I can't just stop at a quilt, but maybe this time I will have to!


henny said...

Hi..I knew you from Jacquie's blog and get interested to visit because you said you're new in sewing and quilting, just like me :)

Your pink strips is pretty! I also put a strip blocks like that for my backing quilt.

susan said...

Just found you on a comment section on Anna Maria's blog - the quilt looks like it's going to be just gorgeous! I'm new to the blog world as well - I look forward to reading yours!

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