Friday, May 29, 2009

This is what two looks like

Sam on the first morning of his second year of life and life is good!  We never want to forget what Sam at two looks like.  He often has a binky.
He almost always has a blanket near by.  Most often it is this one, which was a gift to brother Max from Great Grandma Ellwood when he was a baby.  It is very soft and has a crab on it.  He also loves his flannel blankets made for both him and Max by Grandma Sue.
Sam has such sweet feet.  They are wide and long.  We love him in bare feet, or as he calls them his "feets".
Every morning the only thing on Sam's mind is getting "oside".  He loves to look at the pool and thinks that every body of water, big or small, has fish in it.  We have tried to show him that  the pool, puddles, glasses of water, etc do not have fish - but we never win this argument.  He also loves bees, bugs, planes, balls and his brother and sister.  Or at least most of the time he loves his sister.  But can you blame him for the occasional burst of anger aimed at miss Ellie?  A guy can only be bossed around and micro-managed for so long before he bursts . . . 
this is the aftermath of a scene that plays out EVERY day - the tackle.  Luckily it turns into laughter, sometimes a hit of bite.  We are working on that part.
This image is what made me stop and grab the camera this morning, late for school and all, how could I miss this shot on this day.  This is Sam and this is what two looks like.


Miranda said...

Oh my goodness - what a lovely post. I got all teary reading through it. Wish we lived closer to get in on some of the tackles and hugs. Thinking of you all today - we'll get a call organized when the girls get back from "1/2 day preschool".

Ann said...

What a lovely and inspiring post, I'm sure most mothers can relate. Reading this post of yours is like looking at a scrapbook...beautiful pictures coupled with beautiful journals and memories.

Coastal Nest. said...

Can you even believe that we are mamas? Can you also EVEN believe how much love and devotion one mama can have for all of our little chicklings?
Your an excellent mom K!! Congratulations on a job well done and a life well lived!

Stacey said...

ok...that is to stinkin cute. ur pictures...:)

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