Saturday, May 23, 2009

First Swim of 2009

We have had the pool open for about a week, added the salt, got the chlorine generator going and just passed the water test - so all systems go.  The weather has been AWESOME and the water has heated up to the mid-60's.  Our plan was to turn on the heater, get the temp into the 70's and we would be swimming when the sun came out later this afternoon (forecast in the 70's).  Max however took the plan to mean, get your bathing suit on before breakfast and jump right in.  We tried and tried to reason with him as we turned on the heater this am, but he just couldn't wait.  
About 45 minutes into the swim, he started to look cold.  He of course wouldn't give up until he turned blue and his lips were shaking.  He is snuggled under a down comforter now trying to warm up, so he can swim later with the rest of the family.
Sam hates being left out of the fun.  He and I put our feet in and soon he was swimming in the PJ's with Max for a few moments.  Ellie stuck her feet in, splashed a bit and declared "cold" and then went back to chasing the frogs we rescued from the skimmers.

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