Friday, May 1, 2009

What can't you leave home without? Great Giveaway Contest at

What a fun thing to think about in regards to your self or your kids.  I just entered a giveaway on my favorite family travel site,, they are my version of Rick Steves now that kids are in our travel equation!  Check out the site and while you are there enter the contest to win a awesome L.L. Bean rolling duffle bag.  
To enter the contest, you must comment on what the first thing your child would pack.  It was fun to think about my three and how different they are and how different their needs are.  It also made me realize how much our oldest has grown up in the last few years.  His list would have looked a lot like both our two year olds until really a year or so ago.  At six and a half now, he is all about technology and sports.  He always makes sure he had his DS and recent copy of Sports Illustrated Kids.  Not that long ago it was Teddy and some crayons, markers and stickers - boy have times changed.
When thinking of Ellie, our two year old daughter, I realized out loud how foolish I was in creating her items of comfort.  She never leaves home without her bunnies.  It started out as one bunny and she chewed the ears and rubbed the soft minkee to go to sleep.  We "lost" bunny a few times and found out how bad that was.  After a long search I found another bunny.  Somehow back-up bunny and original bunny got together and now she must have TWO bunnies or we are not sleeping at our house.  She also is now into coloring and having crayons on hand for when she demands "color" is very key to family peace.
That leaves us with  Sam.  He has simple needs and he can't leave home without what we call the "B- trifecta" Binky, Blankie and Bottle.  If you throw in a viewing of Sesame Street, which he calls ELMO's show, when relaxing with the 3 B's - LIFE IS GOOD!
I started to think of mine and it is all related to clothes and my camera - boring!  Then I realized my clothing choices that I always pack are really that boring!  I never leave home without lounge pants, flip flops, a linen A-line shirt in the summer and jeans in the winter, throw in a black top or two and that is me.  I realize it is time to kick-up the wardrobe a notch, whether we are packing any bags to go anywhere soon or not.  

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