Sunday, May 10, 2009

Feeling lucky to be the mother of these three little people!

It is SO hard to get his picture these days.  He is just way too cool, but I knew I had a chance on Mother's Day.  They have to be nice on Mother's Day, right?  So here it is, the best of the shots I took this am - on my next big photo day with Max I will make sure his face is clean!
Ellie and Sam both trying to sit on this tiny little trinket corner shelf in our kitchen.  Ellie actually won the battle this time and her little bum is in the shelf!
Wonderful gift from Max.  It even came with a special message to me.
Love his penmanship.  Also in case I get a lot of Mother's Day greetings from boys named Max, he signed his last name as well . . . 
Lovely artwork for the card.  What a great package and the presentation with the kiss and excitement was priceless!

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