Thursday, May 28, 2009

Puddle Jumping and the dynamic duo

My baby is turning two . . . he has grown up so fast and is such a sweet little boy.  We have truly been blessed with these two wonderful little people.  Right now Sam is all about the b-ball and being outside.  He cries every day to "pay" "oside".  Today even though it was raining and Ellie was wearing the dress I finished for her last night, I thought why not a little rain never hurt me.  So we did some serious puddle jumping, puddle splashing and there were some denied attempts at puddle drinking.  So fun to be a two year old and live for being outside in the rain.
Miss Ellie raced from puddle to puddle and went wild.  I had the camera out to get a shot of her in the peasant dress I just finished for her.  Even though the weather wasn't exactly summer dress weather, she had to wear it.  The cool thing is she "helped" me make it and understood that the dress was "sew".  She still likes to pretend sew with me on her wooden play machine, broken and all.  I love that she can say "mommy made" "pretty dress" and 
"sew".  What fun to have the photos to look back on of her helping me make her clothes.  I wish I was a better at it, so I could make something for the boys besides blankets/quilts.  Actually I have yet to even do that for Max, I must get back at his baseball quilt . . . stay tuned on that one!
After the jumping they were both splashing around in the puddles!
Much to my disapproval Sam moved the party to the mud and had to have a 9:45 am bath!  Oh well, he had fun!
I guess I will have to try harder to get a good shot of this dress from the front.  I love the Sandi Henderson prints from her Farmer's Market line.  Also how much do we love the pink Roxy boots, I wonder if the hot pink version comes in a size 9?


jessica said...

Happy birthday Sam!! You two love your little rain boots, dont you!!! XOXO

Becky said...

Hi sweetie, we must be channeling each other today! I just made a post about these cute peasant dresses I've seen on Etsy! Where did you find the pattern, I'd love to make some for NiamhThey're growing up so quick I can't believe it! Have a great weekend!

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