Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting into the Earth Day Spirit

Max was so excited for school this am and all the Earth Day events.  He picked out the most dynamic green outfit.  I mentioned that the shorts (different shade of green than his top) looked a little tight and he remarked, good we can reuse them when Sam is my size.  Isn't he sporting the most excellent toothless smile . . . it has been four days and I can't stop taking pictures of it!
He is so proud of his homework and came home today after showing them to the class and told me he needs to open a ETSY store with all his recycled and handmade baseball cards.
The assignment was to show what you do in pictures to reduce, reuse or recycle or make something from an item you recycle.  After reading the assignment he ran to get the box he was going to break down for me.  He knew exactly what he wanted to make. . . cardboard baseball cards.
this is how they came out . . . 
This is a boy who loves baseball, cutting paper and glueing, and anything Red Sox.  He left for school so proud of his creation and came home beaming with enthusiasm as all his friends requested their favorite players on the lovely cardboard canvas!


Coastal Nest. said...

How awesome!!
What an entrepreneur this little Max is!

Becky said...

Fantastic! Love the smile! :)

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