Friday, April 10, 2009

Floating Elmo is freaking us out, is it just us?

This Elmo balloon has been hanging around since last week and it is starting to freak both Steve and I out.  Last night while watching baseball Steve had to leave the room, Elmo got to him.  I was sewing easter baskets, bunnies and finishing a quilt and every time I walked through the room to get to the ironing board, I jumped.  At breakfast this am, we both confessed to the other that Elmo had to go.  Too funny we didn't know the other felt the same way. . . what do you think- hanging Elmo is creepy right?  (all three kids love him and are thrilled he is still airborne)

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TD said...

Floating Elmo needs to develop a (fast) slow leak and die a quick death..."Oh, too bad! He must have had a hole in him...well, balloons don't last forever...sorry, honey!" Otherwise he'll be around mylar birthday balloon finally bit the dust in February (my birthday is in November) and only because I put it out of our misery! I vote "thumbs up--Floating Elmo is creepy!"

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