Friday, April 17, 2009

Fun Day . . . little sewing, lots of sunshine and a fun little package in the mail

Couldn't stop myself from ordering this print done by Elsie Flannigan, don't you LOVE IT!
I am also thrilled for some vinyl wall decor with her artwork that will be going up either in Ellie's room or perhaps my creative space.  We will see how Ellie's room goes together, but regardless of where they end up, I am thrilled to have them- will post a picture once they are on a wall.
Not sure what I will do with all this, but it came as a kit on the Red Velvet Art site and it was just too fun to pass up.  I think perhaps a recap of the year's creative endeavors and goals for the coming year.  We will see, but it will become something fantastic.  For now I will just take a peek every so often and plot my project.
The kit had some stickers, fabric stamped, templates to transfer to felt, all kinds of fun!
One of the biggest things to happen on the sewing front this week, was to decide and get going on a quilt for Max.  Since I started this whole learn to sew kick in November, I have made Ellie, Sam, Steve, my cousin's new baby, fabulous coin quilt yet to be determined where it will live, birthday quilt/banner for Ellie and hot off the machine a quilt for my sister's baby shower (week from today in Seattle) YET I haven't made a thing for oldest son (6) Max.  The main reason is he asked for a baseball quilt, specifically Red Sox.  The thought of doing a novelty quilt just didn't appeal to me.  I wanted to find a way to make Max (and Steve) happy, yet enjoy doing it and making something I could live with.  I think the plan and the fabrics I have collected with work great.  Now all I can think of is finding the time to make this quilt.  Almost all the pieces are cut and now I just have to find the time to get sewing.
Finally I made a stroller blanket for the shower.  The fabric is a fun print from Sandi Henderson's line and the back is a hot pink minky dot.  It is my third blanket made with minky and this time it didn't go all that well.  I am hoping that my sister and her soon to be born little girl won't be that critical and will be taken in by the fun print and the soft minky.  If she looks close she will see that it is homemade with love!  Just thrilled to have another item finished and on its way.

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