Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ellie Turns TWO

Ellie had a BIG weekend!  It started with attending Disney Playhouse Live at the Glens Falls Civic Center where she was thrilled to see Mickey Mouse!  All three kids ended up loving it, Max was dancing up a storm, Sam loved seeing Handy Manny and the Tools and Ellie loved the dancing to all the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse music.  They really had a great time!  (Steve and I enjoyed watching them have fun).
Today we celebrated her birthday with a little family party at home.  The hit was all the balloons, she had a couple of small gifts to open  and loved eating the cake.  Again this year, she didn't like getting her hands messy and would stop and have us clean them.  Sam and Max knocked her over almost, getting their hands on the cake.  We then took a walk and went to enjoy a little neighborhood get together.  Watching them play with the other kids, we realized the two of them are really growing up fast.  They were off playing and really paid very little attention to us.  Now we get ready for Sam turning two at the end of May!

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Becky said...

great pictures!
Happy, happy birthday to Ellie!!!!!!

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