Friday, March 6, 2009

Who can pass up Orla Kiely, colorfully cheeky and down-to-earth practicality?

I have stayed out of Target for the last month . . . it has been hard but somehow I managed. I knew the Orla Kiely line was so close, but thought maybe it would all be gone. Of course with two almost two year olds and a Target within moments of ones home, at some point I needed diapers! I must say her designs are so simple, graphic and wonderful I just had to bring some goodness home. (forgot to mention I had to hit two Target locations to get my full fix) All of the prints are so fun, but I LOVE the pears and am sure the slop I serve for dinner tonight will somehow taste better on our beautiful new tablecloth! Target, thanks for all the fun you provide, while not breaking the bank!

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