Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Wow, would I love to be in grade school again, well maybe. I realized today St. Pat's is a big deal if you are Irish, anyone in grade school or drinking age to lets say 30. Today I found myself surrounded by people who were so excited about the day, which was fun to see. Max made sure his St. Pat's boxers were out of the wash, his green t-shirt with the clover was ready and that he had a green snack for lunch! He also made sure I dressed his sister and brother in green. When I got dressed, he sent me back to change into something green. Too funny! Then our single babysitter has been planning a pub crawl for weeks. She turned down sitting on Wednesday because she will need all day to recover. Oh, what fun to look forward to just cutting loose. I am not saying I need to go on a bender, but for a couple of days to either be thrilled by the little things like a 6 year old or enjoy the freedom of only being responsible to oneself. I will try this year to leave all my little people in good hands and take a weekend for just me or maybe I can talk Steve into being my partner in crime and we put the little people in the hands of somehow who is well rested and is up for the challenge! Enjoy your day and I think I will pour myself that green beer now, it is officially afternoon!

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