Friday, March 6, 2009

Sam's Quilt - this kid appreciates a good blankie

We should have named him Linus, Sam loves his blankies. Actually he is into all comfort items that start with B. His trifecta of comfort is his Blankie, binky, and bottle (in that order). How much do I love that he loves the quilt I made for him. It is bright, fun and sassy, just like my sweet little man. It was the second quilt I made and I finished it during the holidays. He has slept with it faithfully ever since. When I put it into the wash, he cries. When I move it to the dryer, he tries to get it back even though it is wet. I have spent a lifetime of making things for those I love. Some of them seem to appreciate my handmade items and some are as I say, off my list! Max, our oldest, was a lover of all things handmade, he now looses hand knit hats and quickly tells me "oh that is nice mom" when shown my latest creation, then quickly gets back to what he was doing. He is almost off the list. My father-in-law has turned his nose many a time at hand knit socks that he deemed too colorful, or a wool hat that didn't have a fold-up brim, etc. I am sad to report, although he is a wonderful man, he is officially off my list. Sam I think will always have a spot on my list for his LOVE of this quilt. It makes me happy that he is comforted by something I put a lot of love into. . . and the quilt is almost as cute as the kid, isn't it?

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LittleGemsbyKari said...

who could dislike hand made socks? tsk tsk. love the blankie :)

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