Friday, March 6, 2009

Orla Kiely part two

Never too young to appreciate good design . . . after taking a few shots of all my Target goodness I stepped away to read to Sam. It got a little quiet in the kitchen, which made me nervous, so I thought I'd see what little miss trouble maker was into . . . this is what I found. . . A pint-sized Orla Kiely fan who had climbed onto to the table and was handling the goods. I quickly grabbed the camera and sat back to enjoy the show. She stacked and re-stacked the cups, she wiped her cookie crumbs with the tea towels, traced the pear image on the tablecloth with her finger and repeated her favorite adjective, "pretty". When she realized Sam and I were watching and knew she was caught on top of the table red handed, she picked up each cup and showed them to me, "pretty mommy pretty". How can you get mad at someone who appreciates good design?

1 comment:

miesmama said...

Soooo cute - I love the Target Orla Kiely things, pretty indeed!
Ellie's dress is adorable too, very pretty! :D

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