Thursday, March 5, 2009

How lucky are we?

As I was frantically searching for various tax documents early this am, I came across some receipts that made it into the wrong file. They were a series of shipping receipts for various fedex envelopes from exactly two years ago today relating to adoption. Then it really hit me, our journey to add to our family really kicked into to gear 2 years ago. After dropping Max at school this am, I decided to enjoy the moment with Ellie and Sam before they are full fledged two year olds! Who would have guessed two years ago as I ran around filling out paperwork, talking to birthmothers and hoping . . . that we would be blessed with two amazing human beings to become a part of us. Everytime I kiss them goodnight or pick them up, I want to pinch myself. . . So when they wanted to "shoval" "shoval" "mamma shoval" this morning, I canceled our plans and we played. We played in snow. We played in the puddles. and we shovaled, shovaled, shovaled. I think all three of us thought if we could get all that snow and ice off the driveway and enjoy the wonderful sun, that maybe spring would finally come! We even walked up and down the street with our shovals in hand! Then I was brought back to reality, they got tired and did what any almost two year olds would do- melted down, just like our "nomans". Enjoy the sunshine, Ellie, Sam and I have shovaled out the snow!


LittleGemsbyKari said...

That's so sweet!

Coastal Nest. said...

I would have to completely and totally agree with that!
Yep, you are sooooo lucky!
From Aberdeen!

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