Friday, March 13, 2009

Growing up way too fast

When did our six year old, seven this summer, become a teenager? Inside he is still our sweet loving boy, but on the outside . . . he is too funny right now. He tells us he is going to "chill" "hang" and "kick-back". I know I have done something right when he writes in his school journal that "snugglin with my mom rocks - I love it" and his favorite winter activity is "havin a snowball fit with my dad". So even though he is growing fast, his writing and spelling reminds us he is still in first grade. That has started to change, he was given a chance to try the challenge words to spell in the last few weeks and he loves it. He comes home each Friday afternoon so proud of himself, opens his backpack and pulls out the test. His arms go up and he explains "100 percent baby". I keep reminding myself to stop and enjoy these little moments, before I realize he really will be a teenager and I am sure that will be wonderful all the time . . .

2 comments: said...

don't close your eyes...:):)
great great blog & jewells
mona & the girls

Diane said...

It isn't just a funny does go by so fast! But what fun!!!

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