Monday, May 31, 2010

Finding a new normal and some sewing!

Life has been a lot out of control the last two weeks. It all seems to be calming down and getting to a new normal for us. We are dealing with the after effects of the infection that made its way from our vacation in Mexico into the bone on Steve's big toe. He will be home for a couple more weeks recovery and giving his foot time to heal. Spending a week plus with him in the hospital has been hard on all of us. The laundry has piled up. The kids haven't been getting the attention they deserve. I have had to learn to cook, mow the lawn, take care of the pool (including fishing out dead mice) and the list goes on and on. The good news is we know that Steve has diabetes and catching it early is great. Both his parents are diabetic and although he is often tested, Dr's always doubt he has it, since he was never really overweight. Well he has lost about 20 lbs. in the last two weeks . . . and yes he officially has diabetes and neuropathy in his feet. We will deal with all of these things and they are our new normal.
The first half of the weekend was spent with a great friend who was in town from Chicago to watch her high school daughter compete in the National Scholastic rowing competition. They made it to the finals and placed 5th in the country. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed my time with my friend.
Sunday afternoon finally came to be time for me! I have been itching to sew for weeks and finally got the chance. First up was starting and finishing the 3 x 6 blocks. This was actually my third attempt and with the stress I was starting to feel, I decided to create a block that wasn't overly complicated and find a less is more kind of feel. The blocks being made are amazing, sewn with persision. At first I tried a Dresdan and it was a bad failure, they just didn't lie flat. Then I attemped a flying geese and they just didn't well . . . fly. I pulled out the blocks I received from the last round and decided that if I was making a sample quilt for myself, that I would make some blocks with a big piece of solid and some splashes of color. My eyes sometimes just need a rest! With that in mind this is what I created for five of my blocks.
Green, blue, red with a marine theme
White, Pink and Red
Grey, Orange and Aqua
Grey, Brown and Orange
Grey, Pink and White
The last block I made I decided to try a little something different, because Tasha had asked for a block with some woodland animals . . . the fabrics I wanted to use wouldn't be showing their stuff on the 2 inch blades of the windmill portion of the block, so I did an improv block instead. I think I will also make a block to match the others, but here is the improv block. I have never made one before and loved the go with the flow kind of feel!
Pink, Red & Aqua with woodland animals
We finished off the weekend with a trip to see Steve's parents in Williamstown, MA and we pulled off celebrating my baby's turning three. Happy Birthday Sam! I will post all about his big day and pictures of my sweet little guy in action. He had a great day and loved his party. He is easy to please and we had his three party musts - CAKE - BALLOONS - and singing cards. What a joy and wonderful little person he is!


Jenny said...

Wow, what a crazy time for you. good luck finding your new normal...we had a similar experience 2 years ago when out of the blue my husband was diagnosed diabetic. he is a picture of health...cyclist, NOT overweight, just healthy...diabetes does not run in the family and he is now type 1. weird stuff...a new normal is achieveable!! and maybe a bit healthier overall for the whole family!! love your windmill blocks. very clean.

Three Dancing Magpies said...

thanks for the comment, we are feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. Scary . . .thanks for the encouragement on the blocks. NEw to quilting and I just can't come up with these master pieces that others in the group are whipping out!

megan said...

Great blocks Kirsten! You've got to tell me how I can join up for that bee in the next round. Is it still open?

Sorry to hear all the crap you're having to deal with! I hope husband is feeling a lot better and that you all get some rest.

Three Dancing Magpies said...

Thanks Megan . . . I wished we lived closer I am curious with Mark's "lost soul" if Mark might have had to overcome some of the things Steve is about to face. The bee is by tiffany and she set it up so you can come and go by quarter. It is great to cruise the flickr set just for fun bee block ideas. I will send you a link.

tasha said...

i love my block!! :)

the windmill blocks are cool too, but don't worry about making another for me, i am happy with the one you did. thank you!

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