Tuesday, May 11, 2010

kids sewing week challenge :: day two

Participating in the kids clothes week challenge sponsored by elsie marley, you can read about it here. In a nutshell, spend an hour a day sewing clothes or accessories for kids. It is amazing what a little push can do to get you going on the to sew list I have had going forever! Also the ideas that are coming up in the flickr pool is amazing and it is only the second day!
I posted this yesterday and wanted to say that it wasn't an hour, but it wasn't as time consuming as it looks. I started on Friday and finished it Sunday night, working probably 4-5 hours on it. Sandi does a great job explaining the process and the skirt really came together nicely. I used the ruffler foot set on 6 for all the gathers of each layer and also the ruffles. I ended up cutting a bit off excess off of each of the ruffle pieces once I sewed them on. It would have gone a lot faster for me if I had a serger, which I really want to get and have had funds set aside for awhile. The problem is which one to purchase and finding someone local to help me learn to use it. For that reason I will probably go with a Bernina, any suggestions on models? kids clothes week challenge
Day 1 Project - Ruffle Skirt
So for Day 2, I didn't have a head start or really plan. I couldn't sleep so after Leno, I went downstairs picked up a pattern I had yet to use, grabbed some fabric and started tracing the pattern onto freezer paper. That process took the most time. The rest just flew together. I was back in bed a little after 1 pm!
Late Night Sewing = Cranky Model just out of bed . . . Day 2 Project - Owl Top
I took this photo right after getting her out of bed, I couldn't wait to see it on her. Both the boys liked it and asked when I would make them something. So I guess I will be making some boy items in the next week! Any ideas on quick and great boy projects would be welcomed!
After dropping Max at school, we played outside for a bit. They both wanted in on the photo shoot. I have been wanting to get a shot of Sam in the pants I picked up at my favorite consignment sale, so he can remember these silly whale pants. Max keeps telling him to take them off, they are "way not cool". Oh well Sam likes them. Ellie gave me a couple quick shots and then ran off to play with Sam! DSC_0007.JPGHangs always fullkids clothes week challenge :: day 2DSC_0026.JPGSam wanting to modelEscapeRunning away from getting her photo takenCatching up with SamNew Favorite Game Details on Ellie's new top: Fabric - Saffron Craig from Fabricworm Pattern - To Tie ForView b from oliveanndesigns purchased pattern from my LQS KC Custom Fabrics


Stephanie said...

LOVE the whale pants too cute!!

upstateLisa said...

everything is so cute! too cold to run in bare feet today, huh?

Andrea @ TheTrainToCrazy.com said...

The owl top is my favorite! Great photos!

I have a weekly Thursday blog party especially for people to share things they've made to be worn. Stop by if you'd like!

Becky said...

Looove Saffron Craig and this is adorable! Ellie is so stylish! ♥

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