Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kids sewing week challenge :: final days - first project from Japanese Pattern Book under my belt

I am just giddy with the fact that I am sewing every night! Amazing how great it feels to do a little something for myself each day. We are half-way through the potty training (Ellie in big girl pants and Sam is trying) and I must say just being out of the bathroom for a straight hour is a relief and when you add sewing . . . BRILLIANT
Last night's project for the challenge was a kind of spur of the moment project. Once the kids were down I started looking through a few Japanese Pattern books and I quickly choose a style I thought would be a breeze . . . it was! I am drawn to Japanese pattern books and fabric . . . I purchase them both and then . . . . just look at the books and fondle the fabrics. Well that all changed today. I am no longer a Japanese pattern book virgin! I can't wait to start in on all of the projects I have marked. Facing my fears is great, no matter how ridiculous they are!
kids sewing week challenge :: day 5
This photo of her in day five's project is a little stiff, she looked so cute in it on our picnic at the park today.
This is the book I used, the top is pattern J.
I think Friday night's sewing will round our the challenge for me. It was a great night, sewing by myself and watching It's Complicated on-demand. Life is good. When I thought it couldn't get any better, my dear husband brought me a beer and hung out for a bit. The best part of the night was the results however . . . check this out, is it me or is this simple dress AWESOME?
kids sewing week challenge:: day six
Kids Sewing Week Challenge Day 6
This little dress is so simple and fun to make- total love! I first noticed the pattern in a issue of Sew Hip, a magazine I get from the UK. The pattern is also available on the Oliver and S website here. The aqua fabric is linen and the bodice and straps are cake rock beach dots from my stash. I am running out of it and debated before using it and having to cut the ties on the bias of my final yard of this! I think it was worth it!
I think Ellie realized this was the last day of her fun week of modeling, she gave me lots of cute extras. Here are some of the shots!
Bodice detail
Ta Da
Full length shot of the dress
This week was also exciting on the potty training front. Ellie went all week without wearing diapers (pull-up at night) and has had no accidents! She even made it through pre-school on Friday! She loves when I get a pedicure and is always asking for me to paint her toes. So to celebrate the big week, we had a girls night at the nail salon. She was beaming and giggling the whole time and LOVES her pretty toes. We even had them paint a flower on each big toe.
Pedicure Reward


Becky said...

Wow, I can't believe how much sewing you've got done, and such awesome projects! Ellie must think it's the best thisng ever having a Mommy who sews such wonderful clothes! ♥ I loooove this dress with the linen, it's beautiful.
See all you need is a challenge, instead of a deadline, to make things just for you guys, haha!
Have a great weekend!

Three Dancing Magpies said...

I totally agree the subtle difference between a deadline and a challenge is amazing!

janimal said...

Oh I love love love the Popover dress! Loving japanese fabric too. I made a Popover Dress using Kokka fabric over on my blog. I'm now a new follower - looking forward to seeing what else you do!

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