Tuesday, June 1, 2010

THREE - Sam is three and needs three things to make a party

Three. Sam is three. My baby is three and is officially no longer a baby. He was so thrilled that it was his birthday. It doesn't take much to make this little dude happy. A little love, someone to throw him pitches to hit and a few essentials for his birthday. Actually THREE essentials for his birthday. I wish life was as simple as it is for Sam and that his life will always be ruled by his current code . . . for Sam everything is an adventure and going to be fun and he likes things simple.
To make a birthday a party, Sam needs
Sam's CakeBlowing out the candles
Sam and balloons
2. Balloons
Loves singing cards
3. Singing Card (Elmo doing the singing is a big bonus)
He had a wonderful time and it was great to slow down for a bit and forget about our recent health scare with Steve. He was able to relax with his family and some friends. It was a great day.
Max singing Eye of the Tiger
Max singing Eye of the Tiger
I'm not cold . . . I am sugaring . . .
Sam and I spent hours in the pool. He was turning purple, but was so excited to be swimming again, he insisted he wasn't cold . . . just sugaring!
Hot pink back-up singer
Our little rock star went from the pool to the play station to sing all afternoon


Sarah said...

I LOVE IT! Happy Birthday to Sam!

Kym said...

How wonderful! Happy birthday Sam. x K

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