Thursday, May 13, 2010

kids sewing week challenge :: day four

Who says boy clothes can't be cute? Maybe I have been missing the boat only sewing clothes for Ellie . . . had fun the last two days making something for my two favorite guys. Being the youngest and having an older brother who I went a little wild shopping for, a lot of Sam's wardrobe is hand-me-downs from Max/friends or my favorite kids consignment sale. Every summer I had fun linen pants for Max to wear at this age and I have searched high and low and realized I must have passed them on to someone or sold them at the sale. Before going on vacation this spring, I looked for something just like this and was disappointed not to find them.

What was I thinking? This took less than an hour, about a yard of linen fabric and the results are so fun . . . this challenge really has me wondering why I never actually use the fabric I squirrel away? I can't wait to make more pants for Sam, he is a wonderful recipient of the fruits of my labor.

Sam happy to model this am

he sees Ellie modeling for me and he knew just what to do


Wondering why Sam is wearing colorful rubber bands on his wrist? This is the latest craze hitting our household and for that matter all the elementary schools in this neck of the woods. I am guessing we are not alone in this silly bandz mania . . . It cracks me up that a week ago Max didn't even know what they were and this week it is all I have heard about. All of the stores in our area are out of them. AC Moore had a shipment of 500 packages on Friday and they sold out that day. CRAZY. Am I missing something? Colorful rubber bands in shapes? Once you put them around something the shape is round . . . the packaging tagline reads FUNctional. Who thinks of these simple ideas and why isn't it me? Instead I am the crazy mom checking at various stores looking for these! I ended up adding a couple of packages to my Amazon book order and for this Max has proclaimed me "the very best mother ever" and told me "I used to love you, but now my love for you has just gone SILLY, thats how much I love you". Not sure if that was a good $10 spent or not . . .
the blurred band is actually a very cute hedgehog . . . it is Max's favorite. I asked why and loved his answer, "who doesn't love a good hedgie" Well said my boy!


Kym said...

those shorts are just toooo cute. Funny how sewing for boys seems so daunting! I have only sewen girly things so far but i am very tempted to go out and steal a little man off the street just so i can make him some shorts like these. well done! I am pleased i found your blog this week, your children are all adorable, and im loving your style! x kym

Mom of three said...

Cute pants! I loooove Echino fabrics. I used the Busses and scooters this week. I think next I'll make something with the helicopters.

Cotton Kiwi said...

The pants look amazing and I love the pockets!

Becky said...

Those pants are awesome, really cute!
Silly bandz is right, I bought the baseball ones for my two to mark the start of the season, but at work we sell out as soon as we get them, it's a craze for sure!

Cook Clean Craft said...

What groovy pants! Kids clothes week has given me so much inspiration for boys clothes.

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