Wednesday, May 12, 2010

kids sewing week challenge :: day three and day 1 one in action

The kids week sewing challenge has been tons of fun so far. It is great to feel a sense of accomplishment, especially as a mother of small children. Just feeding them and doing a load of laundry some days seems like a big success.
I have stayed on track and made something each day. (first two days) Today's item was started after bed-time last night and was done in just under an hour. Max had mentioned he wanted to be included in the fun and would love some lounge pants. So I took his favorite pair, made a quick pattern on freezer paper, raided my stash and a less than an hour later - a new pair of lounge pants!
kids week sewing challenge :: day 3
day three - pants for MaxRelaxing in his new lounge pants
day 3
Wednesday mornings are big around this house. It is the weekly dance class for Ellie and then both Ellie and Sam have gym class. The big dance performance is in about a month and Ellie is starting to get excited. The parents got to come into the class and watch today, so I managed to snap a few photos of our little tap dancing star in action!
New Skirt in action
Heel Toe and the big turn
Loves dancing in her new skirt As we were getting ready for class and I had her in her tights and leotard, she went and grabbed her new skirt. It actually was the perfect skirt for class, much more fun than any tutu! I must say it was a great feeling to see a skirt finished just this Monday in action on Wednesday am!
This sewing challenge has been just the thing to get me going each day and although it isn't much of a dent in the old stash, it has made me feel great to use fabrics that I love and feels even better to see the kids dancing around in them! Sam surrounded by girls Shot of Sam surrounded by all the girls at the start of the gym class portion of the class. He loves all the girls!

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Becky said...

omg you know how much I already love Ellie's skirt, but Max's lounge pants are awesome too. What fabric did you use, is it cotton, or cotton jersey? Supercute! ♥

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