Monday, June 7, 2010

Scrabble Tile Tutorial

We are getting ready to launch a new look to our blog. We needed to get this tutorial listed and will add photos soon. Here are our basic directions we send out with our kits. More to follow soon.
1. Apply glue (modge podge or craft glue) to the back of the paper.
2. Place paper gently on the back (flat side) of scrabble tile. Hold up to light to check placement of paper. When the paper is where you want it, slowly press down firmly. Let it dry according to instructions on glue.
3. Turn tile over so paper side is down on a piece of cardboard or cutting mat. Using an exacto knife, trim off excess paper as close to the tile as possible.
4. Apply modge podge to the top and sides of the tile and let it dry for a few hours.
5. Lay the tile flat, paper side up, and apply a border of diamond glaze around the outer edge of the top of the tile. Fill in the center.
6. To keep out bubbles, darken the lights in the room and shine a desk lamp on the tile. The bubbles will show up as a shadow. Using a pin, either scoop the bubble out or pop it with the tip. I like to keep a small paper towel handy to push the bubble off the tile surface and onto the tile.
7. Let the tile dry for a day under a box top or something else that will keep lint from landing on the surface.
8. To attach the bail, apply a small amount of epoxy to the flat, textured surface and put on the letter side of the tile, centering it by sight. We use E-6000, an all purpose expoxy. We sell sample sizes in our shop.
9. Let epoxy dry and string pendant on a cord.

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