Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Homefun? Last homework of the year was almost enjoyable.

The last days of the school year, friend or foe? I have to say I am just not sure. The hustle and bustle. Party after party. All the thank-you gifts, my head is spinning. It would be so nice if it could all wind down nice and slow. Instead at my son's school the end of the year stuff starts in mid-may. By the time the last week comes all the kids, teachers and parents are just done.
Last week Max asked to practice his spelling words. My response is if you can find them, I will read them to you. I just don't care anymore, make it end! At the start of the year when we went to open house and the teacher called homework, "homefun" I really had to chuckle. I thought the kids were too smart to fall for such a silly catch phrase.
Although that is exactly what Max called it all year. When he would say, "I have to go finish my homefun" I would often snicker under my breath. Not much about the little bit of homework a 2nd grader brings home and getting him to do it, never was much fun. I really digress, but wanted to remember years later how excited he was to actually be of an age where he had homework.
So although I hate this lame duck period when the kids go to school to basically hang out, watch movies and enjoy some serious recess time . . . I was thrilled for him to complete his last "homeFUN" project of the year. The kids were each given a classmate to make a year end award for. They were to write down words that describe their classmate and then pick one to use for the theme of an award. The award could take on any form.
Max was given his friend Sophia. He described her as friendly, sweet, nice and positive. He decided that the word Sunny really summed her up and included all the descriptive words. She is just fun to be around. He wanted to make the award useful and we did some brainstorming. I think all the pillow swaps I have been participating in gave him the idea. It was fun to see his creative wheels turning and see his ideas take form.
Once he had Sunny Sophia . . . the rest just came together. He thinks that purple, bikes and hearts are her favorite things. Well we had fabric that represented the first two. So here is what he came up with.
Last Homework project of the year
The proud pillow artisian displaying his creation
Pillow with quilted sides
The picture of Sophia and the lined fabric print added a lot of whimsy and made the project quick and easy! Love this Cosmo Cricket fabric.
Actually surprised how easy the fabric printer sheets were to use. Max ran it under cold water to set the inks and dried it between two paper towels. The images came out bright and fun! Super easy to do.
Close-up of Max's pillow for classmate
Love the crooked circle and how his zig zag did a little more zag than zig. We did use some fusing under the circle and he stitched all over everything, so it should stay put.
Proud Creator of Pillow
The back was the worst trauma of the project and had to be ripped out partially and redone. We pinned the envelope flaps in the wrong order, which is a trend for me with every pillow I make. It looks like I teach others the same way . . . Another picture with a quick note to Sophia made it personal. Who knows maybe they will end up best buddies years from now and this will be something they can laugh over.
Last homework project done, check. Play-off baseball game on Thursday. Field day on Friday. Mayor's Cup Saturday. Father's Day on Sunday. Class Picnic on Tuesday. Then school is out for summer next Wednesday!


Becky said...

What an awesome idea, yay Max! ♥
I completely agree, I'm ready to be done with school for the Summer, only 1/2 days left next week, thank goodness!

Three Dancing Magpies said...

We need to catch-up via the phone! Next Thursday is the meeting which is now just open fun sew! No dues.
We should try and sew, while the kids swim . . . or at least do hand-work!

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