Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fun Sunday at The Clark

A few times a year The Clark Art Institute does a family day and it is not to be missed. This summer's event was no exception. It was centered around the art of Picasso and Degas. Art stations for kids were set-up everywhere where you could learn to sculpt with clay, create a Cubist cube, Mirror mosaic or make a flip book. Activities included riding a mechanical bull, swinging from a harness, helping to paint the mural, cooling off in the sprinkler park and more. We watched Flamenco Dancers, the Albany Berkshire Ballet, a ice sculptor, and the Boston Circus Guild build human towers.
Our two little budding artists really loved to paint.
Sam used lots of paint and like his coloring went for the big bold strokes with lots of movement
Ellie painted small and precise, which is how she usually colors and paints. She did break out a bit and had some big strokes when she found an open spot on the canvas
Family Fun Day at the Clark Art in Williamstown, MA.
Max loved the acrobats. They built all kinds of human towers! At the end of the day while they were waiting for their bus back to Boston, they included the kids in some fun. Great group!
We enjoyed the ice sculptures a lot and went to the gallery to look at the original. It gave Max an idea for his clay project. We should really take the kids more often, they are surprisingly well behaved in the galleries.
Loved cooling off from the heat with the ice and also at the "water park" that was set-up to cool people off. Lots of fun!
I wish I could always hear the back and forth between the two of them. They have their own little language. When we are someplace new, they often head out together now, ready to take on whatever awaits. They were in the zone today . . .


Terri said...

I wish we had stuff like that here. It looks like you all had a great time ;)

Seaside Siblings said...

Oh they look like they had such a good time, what a lovely idea.

You should pop over and enter a giveaway I am running at the moment-

Rafael's Mum said...

omg you have a blog!! I never knew... or I would have followed you from day one! Lovely pics!!

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