Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our babies aren't babies anymore . . . Ellie soon to be Three

As Ellie's third birthday approaches and cards are starting to trickle in from friends and family . . . it hit me, they aren't babies anymore and in less than two months Sam will also be three. I still can't believe how blessed we are to have become their parents from the time of their birth. Not a day goes by that I don't thank the universe for putting our little family together.
I realize at age three she is not quite fully grown, but she clearly is a girl in charge of her own destiny. She knows what she likes and how she likes it. My days at Smith College taught me the importance of raising a strong daughter and I realize how lucky I am to have been influenced by two parents who encouraged and believed in me. I think we are passing that on to our kids and I see a strong confidence in each of them. Time will tell!
Okay back to the point, Ellie at three is one confident, smart, sweet and somewhat bossy little girl. She rules the roost around these parts and has both her brothers wrapped around her little finger. Ellie is crazy for dolls and loves her older friend's American Girl dolls. That is all it took for Steve's mom. She had been dying to get her one since her first birthday and we didn't think Ellie was ready for it. When we realized our baby is now a little person and loves to mother her babies, that she was ready for an American Girl doll, Steve's mom was on-line and ordering. (She has had her own doll for years, perhaps to make up for raising two sons.) She ordered the kids a set of Bitty Twins . . . a girl with dark skin and ethnic hair and a boy with brown hair and hazel eyes for Sam. They are going to love it! After looking at the cost of the matching outfits, we decided I would try and make a dress for Ellie and her doll. Just put the finishing touches on them last night and I am thrilled.
Matching Frida Doll Dress
Mothering her own doll and wearing such a cute big girl dress has helped me realize that our little girl is growing up!
Ready for Dance Class
Dancing Girl
Princess Girls
Plays with small girl princess dolls
Has a lot to say and has her trusty pink flip phone and purse with her always
Quite the look
Dresses herself . . .


megan said...

You're a lucky mama. What a beautiful girl. And I think I have a similarly strong-minded girl on my hands! I hope she loves dolls too because I am sooo into making those matching dress sets! Love the Meadowsweet you chose.

Becky said...

Doesn't time fly? Ellie is looking so grown up! The matching doll's dress came out so beautiful, congrats! ♥

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