Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good to be a medium (and growing) fish in a little pond and other life lessons

Grand Slam Homerun Ball
Not much sewing around here this weekend, but a whole lot of sports. To be exact 13 days of sports each night and counting. Thanks to some rain today, I think we might have a break.
Last week was the first week of baseball. Steve is coaching and Max is playing. It is their second year in Bantam and what a difference a year makes. I actually learned a lot this weekend. Team Spirit and a positive attitude makes all the difference. The team is having a lot of fun and it is really contagious. The kids are having fun, the parents have fun and it is just what youth sports should be - fun! Max woke up on Saturday am, after a close game on Friday and exclaimed he thinks the reason we won is because we had more team spirit and fun. He gets it. It has taken a while for him to get here, but HE GETS IT!
The Bantam League is mainly for first and second graders (7 & 8 year olds) but there are some third graders and a few kindergartners. Max will be 8 in three months and is in second grade and this is his second year playing. He had a great weekend. It is good to be a medium fish in a safe, comfortable pond. Lots of hits in all three games, some wonderful plays in the field including a diving line drive catch and then making it into a double play, and finally two over-the-fence home runs in a game- including a Grand Slam.
All it takes is a little confidence and wow! He has really matured since last year and is secretly so proud of himself, what fun to watch as a mom. I think my favorite part when both Max and his friend Garrett hit home runs is to watch the reaction of the other kids on the team. They were all so happy for each other. All the mom's cried. It was one of those special moments.
Bantam Baseball Opening Weekend
The next day at Max's soccer game he had a little more spring in his step and for no reason his soccer enthusiasm improved a bit. He didn't mind the teasing the third graders give him quite as much. He had gained some self confidence.
It made me think of all the kids I come in contact with on a weekly basis and how much a little encouragment or accomplishment, even small means to them. I think as a society we need to help kids have a little success. Accomplishment leads to more accomplishment and self-confidence. I realize my parents goals were to help us grow-up with the sense that we could do it. I think that was the outcome of my Smith College experience, learning woman can do whatever they want as well. If that means being a mom- great, having a career-great, and having both-great. I hope to pass that on to my kids and other kids I encounter along the way.
Morning Struggle
Day 12 of nothing but flip flops since vacation. I force her into appropriate footwear when necessary.
The little kids have more of a handful lately than usual. I have decided that three is actual the terrible twos for them and that this is perhaps the new normal. Since I had nothing to lose, I decided to try and boost their confidence a bit and guess what, it worked. I know for me it is so easy to lose sight of what matters and how important a job raising good kids is. A little work on my part and the two of them have been a delight. So what if this is how Ellie wants to dress on a 40 degree and rainy day. We went out with this crazy outfit on (top over way too small sundress), but she did it herself and loved it. Sam is having fun getting his shoes on and other do it myself stuff. Yes it took 10x longer to hoover today, but they were proud of helping me.
{Urban} Home Goods Project 2 - Sneak Peek
Okay I have done a tiny bit of sewing and after counting some buttons for a big order, I think I will finish up project two for the {Urban} Home Goods Swap. I love all Echino, but the red scooters {swoon} and the new stuff is in stores today. I pre-ordered and am thrilled! Also I have just signed on for a Meg's Kids Clothes Week Challenge in conjunction with kids sewing week in May. It looks fun!
Note to self, week 1 of the diet was a success with 6 pounds lost - keep going and don't cheat! Also the Grade School Yearbook is almost done- thank goodness. Get started earlier next year please!

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Jenny said...

how is the world did you manage to loose 6 pounds in a week? i need to be on that diet!!

i liked your post. always a good reminder...my daughter just started soccer and is finishing up ballet...she is not liking ballet, but will see it thru!

and i also let her dress herself (4) and it always gives me a smile!

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