Tuesday, April 20, 2010

{Urban} Goods Swap - One Project Down, relief in this crazy life

Linen and Anna Maria Horner designs equal LOVE. Such a simple to make item, why haven't I been making placemats and napkins for our home, friends and family? Heather and Kerri organized another swap, {Urban} Home Goods as a follow-up to the Pillow Swap 1 and 2 to switch things up a bit. I have had such a great experience with the Designer Fabric Swaps and the Pillow Swap, so what a great opportunity to branch out a bit.
I almost passed on this one due to the vacation we just took and my horrible habit of not saying NO when asked to help out with things. As an individual I am WAY too overcommitted right now. Then enter the three kids - crazy. Max has a sporting game or practice EVERY night and day this week . . . he is SEVEN. We really try to not over schedule and then it gets away from us. Steve is traveling a bunch, coaching Max's baseball team and is busy himself. Then add in the two little kids . . . Ellie just turned three and Sam will be three at the end of May and they are CRAZY to take care of right now. If up to them I would be playing outside 24 hours a day with them or playing kitchen, dressing princess girl dolls in silly tight plastic outfits or in Sam's case making him oatmeal.
Okay back on track, but I must say just writing it down makes me feel better. Good thing no one really reads this blog . . . rumor has it my mom does, but she never comments so silent stalkers don't really get a say. The reality in this crazy life is being creative makes me happy. Yes I need to take time to exercise, play with the kids, make the occasional dinner . . . but flickr and these swaps make me happy. It is fun to think about things you can actually finish. Somehow I need the same fun pressure on myself to make things for us, exercise and just get things done.
How about the photos of the first project and then I guess I need to get back to the yearbook project since it looks like my happy hour (really it is almost three hours- naptime) is over. I hear Sam's sweet voice telling me he is awake and ready to party (read eat something, hard to believe the kid is so skinny - all he ever does is eat or ask to eat)
Check these out, fun huh? Mom is you are reading this, would you enjoy some simple placemats in these colors for Mother's Day? Karyn I know you are not reading . . . but what do you think?
Project 1 of SwapPlacematsTesting them out  . . .
Note to self: I think I would make them a tad wider next time. They are actually the size of all the placemats we have, but they could stand to be a little wider.
Note to husband: I love our Polish Pottery and boy would it be fun to have some more for my upcoming birthday.


Terri said...

I read this blog *wink* *wink* I think the placemats are FABULOUS!!!

Jenny said...

reading and commenting and in disbelief if your kids actaully nap 3 hours a day? great for you!! your pottery IS gorgeous and I vote you should get more too...and you forgot to add the bit about how much you have really really been helping a customer in your long list of what keeps you busy!!
your placemats are gorgeous. just the way they are!

Heather said...

THOSE are f a b u l o u s !!! and i soooo want them ;)... if your mama really isn't reading... well i am! and i'm a mother too ( wink, wink )!! LOL

xo, Heather

Three Dancing Magpies said...

Thanks guys! I think the school yearbook project is setting me over the edge! While on vacation last week with my mom and my sister Karyn- they were having fun telling me how much they read this blog. I asked them why they never leave a comment and I got some lame I don't know how . . . plus my sister is always unsure of handmade items being hip enough for her, but I think these are very close to what she would find in her favorite store- Anthropolie, right?

Jenny-thanks for being a great customer and I am happy to help with the whole button hair accessory sales if I can, not sure we are really experts, but have sold a few!

Becky said...

What an awesome blog post, and boy, I thought I was busy!!!!
Of course, I read your blog, but also having one I know the frustration often when people visit but never comment!
That said, your placemats are wonderful, just stunning. I'm also trying to get on top of my swaps, so that I must do, NOW! See you soon. :D

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