Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beluga Whales - a fan favorite!

Beluga Love this whale Hello Beluga Chilling with the belugas Penguins Sam walking like a peguin Sam Waliking Like a Peguin Penguin Hello Sea Turle Ellie was in awe of the turtle and stingrays Max and the Sea Lions Max was thrilled to have lots of facts on the Sea Lions and to know the difference between a Sea Lion and Seals. Hanging with the belugas Ellie ran to see her friend Sea Lion Show Our first house in West Simsbury, CT On the way home we thought it would be fun to detour to Simsbury and our old stomping grounds. We wanted to show Max the house he lived in as a baby. The house looked much the same and when we noticed the for sale sign we couldn't wait to get home to check online for photos. We were not disappointed and were also surprised to see the house looked much the same as we left it and their furniture was very similar to how we had the house. (Mom, here is a link so you can look at the photos!)Fox Den Road in West Simsbury One night during our trip we had a lovely and COLD walk in Stonington, CT and had dinner at a wonderful old spot on the water. The kids loved their fish dinner! Stonington CT and Lighthouse Point


Anonymous said...

Love the photos of your trip.

Jenny said...

oh i SO wish our zoo would be open during the winter! what fun!

Heather said...

OOOooohhh your day looks like soooo much f u n !!! Your pictures make me want to run to the Oregon Aquarium!!!

XO, Heather

Anonymous said...

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