Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sewing with Elastic - Mad Fun!

Close up of shirring I am the person who gets excited over the little things. Elastic thread . . .has rocked my world lately! I love to sew just for the sake of sewing and getting the machine going as fast as possible while threaded with elastic in the bobbin- mad fun! I have made a few of these dresses now and after Ellie came into our local quilt shop with one on, a class to make them was deemed a must. This shop sample was made from the new Erin McMorris line, of course they carry it at KC. I should also mention that my favorite shop, launched its website this week and it rocks! check it out here.
More Weekend SewingOkay, back to the dress, you sew with elastic thread hand wound in the bobbin and whatever you have in the top. For this I used a lovely variegated pink number . . .love it! This dress from Weekend Sewing, by Heather Ross and can also be found on Heather's site with a link to her segment on Martha. Some other blogs have wonderful tutorials if you search for shirring and sundress. I love this one and also Sandi Henderson's blog with a tutorial and a link to a shirring madness flickr group.
From take off to touchdown this dress should take about an hour. You really only need a few simple measurements, a yard of fabric, a girl age 1-4/5 to sew for and sense of adventure. If you are in the Saratoga Springs area, come on in for the class . . . MAD FUN I promise!


Amber said...

How fun - I'm doing a class just like this next week for our church...I still need to make up a sample! :-)

Stacey said...

stop it...only 1 hour!!!! I have to try...hope it isnt to hard!

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