Sunday, June 28, 2009

First Great Weekend Pool Day of the Season

Lost front tooth days ago
Max lost another front tooth . . . one finished growing in and then the adjoining tooth checked out! We were used to the gap on the right and now will have to get used to it on the left. Max would spend his life in the water . . . and probably will this summer!
Love Fest
Speaking of FISH, after 2 times in the pool this season, Miss Ellie is swimming and yes I mean swimming, kicking her feet and moving her arms to move through the water! It is unreal. She LOVES it. She jumps in with or without someone watching, which is a little crazy. Se is really having fun. I am now a big believer in the no life jacket to learn to swim. She is on top of the water, not up and down in it. That is the key!
Raft Boy
Sam is not loving the swimming part, but loves to hang on the raft. That is a start, learning to love the water. He seems to like the new floaties . . . well sort of.
Swimming Face
This is Ellie's swim face . . .
Full Swim Outfit
Ready to go . . .
TeamworkPartners in everything, they are a force when they ban together.


Three Dancing Magpies said...

Used flickr to blog the photos and need to work on the text . . . but no time today back to the pool!

Georgine said...

So, when you say no life jacket, the arm floaties worked well? My daughter has the same floaties as Ellie. We may have to give them a try.

Very cute photos!

Three Dancing Magpies said...

Not just the floaties, you have to do the combo of the front and back float pack and the floaties. It keeps her on top of the water and then they can kick and do their hands. After naptime we went swimming again and she propelled herself from one end of our pool to the other. This system really works , got them both at Target and read the little learn to swim booklet!

gardenmama said...

sweet photos : )

Sandy said...

Looks like they were having fun. I haven't been in a pool in over 25 years. I just watch and envy the neighbors!

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