Saturday, July 11, 2009

Some old favorites and some new designs . . . do you have a favorite?

Darcy and I have been getting ready to participate in a couple of art/craft shows this summer. Also we have put our tiles in a couple of local stores (KC Custom Framing and Fabrics and Dehn's Gift Shop) and they have been selling well. KC is going to put some on their website, so we will have a place to send people who are interested - progress! We have had lots of interest from other stores in the region and we are finally getting our act together to make it happen. We love to make the stuff, but are not that good at the business end, designing line cards, etc. We are trying to choose from this set which 4 or 5 tiles (we narrowed it from over 25) to focus our marketing around. Do you have any favorites? Saratoga Horse Scrabble TileKimono Scrabble LimeKoi Fish TileBlue BirdRed Flower on Black TileJapanese Bunny TileItalian Flourish TileSummer Pink Stripe TilePink Bird TileFlower Burst Tile


Georgine said...

I like the fish, and also the flower right above the fish. The fish is so darn cute! Both my daughter and I could wear it. Good LUck with all your efforts!

Amber said...

I love the fish too...and also the bird on a branch (4th one), the 7th one down (such pretty colors) and the stripe one is really pretty too and good for a modern look. They are all beautiful though :-)

Stacey said...

I love the last one...the color is wonderful..they are so beautiful!

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