Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thank-you Mrs. Eversole and Starbucks

So everyone who has known me for a few days, knows I have a coffee habit.  Lots of locals here and other places we have lived support their local coffee shop and I get that . . . but for me Starbucks is my local coffee joint.  One of Max's first words was "hot bucks" and for sure the Starbucks logo was the first one he knew.  Now that we live in a city without a drive-thru and two toddlers who are somewhat difficult to control in a Starbucks, it has become a weekly treat and not a daily trip for both Max and I.  So when asked to chose a special treat, 9 times out of 10 he picks Starbucks.  Enter his gift for Mrs. Eversole this year.   He decided he wanted to get her a Starbucks card because she was the BEST teacher.  Also some books because that is just what teachers like to do, shop for books.  Thanks to this tutorial and post, we recycled (copied) a wonderful gift idea.  Max presented the gift cards in the Starbucks cup along with a cosie and a key fob.
As we were doing the crazy morning rush, I asked him to write a note, when I came downstairs this is what he had done . . . by himself . . . neat, good spelling and all done!  I love seeing his handwriting and how much it has improved this year.  He has had a great year - became a whiz at math, his reading is fantastic and only missed one spelling word all year!  So proud of you.  
Mrs. Eversole at yesterday's first grade picnic opening Max's gift and accepting her class gift.
Had a hard time writing on the cup, but wanted it to look just like a real hot bucks.
Yesterday am, the Ott tots and I ran around like crazy and in under an hour had the gift cards and plants ready to go.  Whew . . . then the picnic . . . then home to finish the project of a photos to music DVD for everyone in class.  It was fun to put the various pictures to music.  Staying up all night burning DVD's was not that fun . . . but they are DONE.  After dropping them off this am, my role as room mom is history.  It was a great year and all the parents were wonderful - but it is a responsibility I think I will pass on for a few years.  
Thanks Mrs. Eversole for a wonderful year!


LittleGemsbyKari said...

what a great gift!

April said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog - I actually got the picnic print from a fellow sewing mama on SewingMamas.com

It's by Painting Red Rhinos (PRR) and one day I saw it and just snatched it up not realizing it was a hard-to-find print.

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