Thursday, June 25, 2009

Prints Charming - Love these big prints from Australian Desgners

Since all I am doing lately is buying and swapping fabric, I thought perhaps a simple photo would be fun.  It has been a busy couple of days with school out yesterday.  Great report card meant a trip to Lake George last night for Putt Putt golf and ice cream.  Our afternoons are filled with swimming in the pool and just hanging outside.  Ellie and Sam will be a handful this summer and I quickly realized during the half-day Max was home for vacation so far- that it will be hard to keep him entertained while watching them.  I will be looking to set-up lots of playdates and perhaps a few camps are in order.  
I am making a promise to myself right now - NO MORE HOURS ON THE COMPUTER SWAPPING FABRIC UNTIL I SEW A BIT . . . even just turn on the machine
I am not sure if I will ever make anything with these, but boy are they fun to look at.  Perhaps curtains to hide toys or a window treatment for the laundry room.  Something fun needs to happen with these. Any ideas?

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