Monday, February 23, 2009

My First Finished (needs button) Stitched Bag

Holy Cuteness, I LOVE how this bag came out.  Am I allowed to have so much fun with a new creative outlet.  This is a far cry from the blue and gold quilted gym bag I made in Home Economics . . . I am completely obsessed with fabric and sewing right now.  I just can't resist all the fun fabrics.  I am either buying them at our local quilt store (and new favorite hang-out) K C Custom Fabrics or shopping on ETSY for fabric.  Saturday three packages from Japan arrived with great new fabrics to make baby shoes from.  Steve signed for them and was curious why I had to have fabric from Japan, is it really that different?  20 minutes later and a little show and tell, he now appreciates Japanese fabric!
I have wanted to learn for awhile, but now that Ellie and Sam are almost two and Max is in school all day, I am finding a little time to learn a new skill.  Also my sister's pregnancy got me going.  Since my first lesson in late November I have made three quilts, baby shoes, a patchwork scarf, neck gator, baby doll carrier and this bag.  I have a couple quilts going right now and a huge line-up of projects ready to go.  This is way too much fun!  I guess I should have taken a few classes a long time ago and my previous projects would have looked much better.   
This bag also has inspired me to try my hand at some more hand stitching.  The "garden" in this bag was a lot of fun.  I really liked using the linen and love how it gives the bag a relaxed feeling.   I see a lot of embellishments on the kids clothing, pillow cases and pillows in our future.  When I showed the kids the bag after finishing today, they both tried to pull the buttons off while yelling "pretty" "pretty, mommy pretty"!  


Coastal Nest. said...

Could that blue and gold bag be made at HJH? In Miss McVickers class, par chance?

I made a cammo one. Yikes~

Three Dancing Magpies said...

You have a great memory! I couldn't remember her name and now it is all coming back! Too funny . . . my brother used that little tote in college, he loved it!

miesmama said...

It's beautiful - see I told you you could do it!
The garden art is especially pretty - holy cute it is!!!!!!

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