Thursday, February 26, 2009

First Quilt adds some flair to Ellie's room . . . but have a way to go!

This crazy obsession with sewing started with a class I took before the holidays. This is my first finished quilt and I have three almost finished right behind this one. It is from the Yellow Brick Road pattern and it is wild! Maybe a little wild and random even for me, but Ellie loves it and that is all that counts. Ellie and Sam are almost two now and I am just getting around to decorating. Their adoptions happened so fast and we originally thought they could share a room. Boy were we wrong. The bedroom shuffle continued for over a year. I think this is where we have ended up. Ellie will have the room that we decorated half baby girl/ half baby boy. The built-ins that Todd Borlang, excellent carpenter did for us, are wonderful. She has been in the room since Sam came home with us from California. He slept in our room. Around nine months, when his sleeping got better, Max wanted Sam with him. So we bunked the beds in Max's room and Grandpa Rein put the crib up. The crib is too big to go through the doors so moving it around is really not an option. Max slept in the room with Sam all summer and then decided the top bunk made him scared, then Sam was too loud and finally when Grandma Sue came to visit and Max stayed in the guest room with her, he announced it would become his sleeping room. He has finally admitted, he likes the bigger bed in the guest room and it is closer to Mom and Dad. So to sketch it out - Ellie has a undecorated boy/girl room. Sam sleeps in a room with all of Max's clothes and toys, but no Max and Max is in the upstairs guest room that is very guest room like! This new sewing skill is going to come in handy. I need to do quilts and duvet covers, curtains (wood blinds in each room now) and pillows. We will have to do some painting and then perhaps we will have some fun kid rooms. Back to Ellie, since for me girl stuff is fun and new. I have started with some paintings and prints. The talented Grandma Carole did this wonderful Alice in Wonderland inspired watercolor for her room. Our friends Gabs and Janus from England gave us this wonderful print of Barbar. My new favorite way to find some fun for the walls is prints from ETSY, some wonderful stuff from the Black Apple is now in Ellie's room.

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miesmama said...

Loooove it!
The quilt looks fantastic - you're a talented woman indeed!
I love the Black Apple, isn't she great?
Busy, busy, busy!

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