Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Must Stop On-line Craft Purchases . . . NOW

Okay, I just can't control myself! I just ordered some cute Japanese fabrics to make some more slippers for Ellie and Sam. Don't you think these will made some cute little house shoes? ETSY and Paypal make it too easy to have wonderful packages just show up on your doorstep! After a little fabric shopping I turned my attention to wool felt. How wonderful are the colors? I am not sure what it will all become, but I know I just have to have it! I am taking an on-line class with Red Velvet Art and lots of the projects we will be working on over the next 8 weeks call for felt. I will posting some of my projects for the class soon. Finally, I turned to needlepoint shopping . . . Now that I have pulled out my loop, needle, thread and scissors, I am hooked.  While making bags with a friends over the weekend, a friend mentioned Sublime Stitching and the rest is history.  A box of fun should be making its way to me in the next couple days and I am thrilled!  But what should I work on first?  I could make a dress for Ellie with some of the lovely art of Emily Martin of The Black Apple, or some baby items for my niece who is coming soon with some sassy stitching, or maybe adorn some linen baskets I am about to attempt to put together.  The options are overwhelming, but for now I must get Max off to school, hit the grocery store and get my heads out of the "I must make something today" cloud.
Did I really do all this shopping with two toddlers climbing on me, before getting oldest son off to school?

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miesmama said...

that's so funny, I have had the black apple sublime stitches bookmarked for a while now, isn't it cute, need pics soon!

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