Friday, September 3, 2010

When a virtual face becomes a real one - Pool Day with Miesmama and Mamalovestoread

What a wonderful experience flickr has been for me. To have an outlet for creativity and to be truly inspired by others. The swaps have pushed me out of my comfort zone sewing wise and also I actually finish things in a timely manor, that if I was making it for us . . . lets face it, projects probably wouldn't get finished.
The other real fun part is meeting new people that you tend to have a lot in common with. Becky, Miesmama and I have been friends for almost five years when our oldest attended a co-op pre-school together for two years. We started a knitting group of a few of the pre-school moms and when the kids were in school, once per week we would knit in the library. It was a lot of fun to teach friends to knit and we all became close. For me that is the best reward of getting together to stitch . . . often not much stitching gets done! I think after the yarn shop and years of knitting, sewing was something brand new and inspiring to me. Flickr and the fabric swap group had a ton to do with fueling my new obsession. Becky got me into flickr to begin with, although she had yet to join in on the quilting swaps. I suggested a few groups and she jumped right in about a year ago and is gone swap mad like the rest of us . . . and is loving it!
We have been getting together the last few weeks and stitching while our kids swam. They have been lovely days by the pool with the kids content, allowing us hours to catch up, stitch a little and swim. On a whim I thought about Colette, mamalovestoread, and knew although she lives 30-45 min away . . . perhaps she might have a reason to come into Saratoga and want to get in on the fun.
Colette and her lovely nine year old daughter came this week and we had a wonderful time. It was like the three of us had known each other for years. We had a lot of fun discussing all the various swaps and the fun we have been having. It was great fun and we plan to all get together on a regular basis!
I didn't get much stitching done, but I did manage to get the binding on the fourth and final project for the UHG . . . and as a jumper onto every crafty bandwagon that comes my way
Are you feeling the mug rug love partner?
my first mug rug! It measures a little shy of 6 x 11 and I am really not sure how I ever lived without a coaster/placemat for a mug and a treat. I will for sure be making a few for the winter around here to put the kids hot cocoa and cookies on! I joined the scrappy mug rug swap group and am looking forward to seeing what I receive to put my coffee and tea on.
I was so thrilled with this little rug . . . I had to test drive it with the bunting I made for my partner and explore all its potential. I think it makes a great trivet for a tea pot, placemat for cream and sugar with room for spoons, works with big mugs, expresso cups or just regular sized coffee cups. Such a versatile little piece of patchwork!
Mug Rug Love and oh the possibilities . . . testing it out for my UHG Partner!
Thanks again Becky and Colette for a lovely day!


erica said...

I love it! Mini quilts are so satisfying to make and what a great idea to actually use it :)

Becky said...

It was an awesome day indeed, thanks again, now back to those swaps, haha!

Nova said...

so jealous of your crafty chicks get togethers! How wonderful :) Flickr has been the same for me - like landing on a planet where everyone speaks your language! x

Colette said...

We had such a fun day with you guys too! We must get together again soon :D BTW the pics R. took of us turned out horrible, ha ha, we are all red faced and sweaty or else you would have them for your post!

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