Friday, September 24, 2010

Falling into line

This week we finally got into the groove. Ellie and Sam had their first full week of activities and pre-school and Max is going strong. All three of them are busy, which in turn keeps me crazy busy. I am thinking about picking up my needles and making some hats and gloves for the kids, since I find my time sitting at their activities a lot and could be moving my hands! Also I just ordered the sequel to my favorite knitting book, Last Minute Handmade Gifts, from Purl. I thought it was a signed copy, but sadly it wasn't. It did allow me to order some of the new embrodery thread Purl is carrying! Super excited to make a few things from the new book!
all time fav knitting book!
new book!
The little kids had a very happy week and one day were so in the zone I had to take some photos. I love when they are being nice to each other . . .
after pick-up on their first full day of Skidmore College pre-school - Sept 2010
Ellie put this little number together herself, minus the coat and I couldn't get over how cute she looked (I know I am a bit biased) but how fun when things you pick up from different stores and even from different years, come together to a fun outfit! The dress I bought when she was an infant at a going out of business sale and held onto it for three years, together with tights bought on a whim due to a love of stripes and then her new school shoes and coat . . . together so fun!
The Savvy Seasons swap has been keeping me busy. I get so crazed with finishing the swaps so I can not have to worry . . . that I don't get any other sewing done. So I am trying to finish it up this week. A great week with new TV shows to sit and stitch binding. This week I quilted a bit each night, then made the scrappy binding strips and last night started to hand stitch the binding. I have a night or two left and it will be done! I LOVE the Bliss line and am thrilled at how this is coming out. I took it with me to KC Fabrics last night for our Thirsty Thursday stitching night and my peeps have me really wanting to keep it! I always promise that I will make the same item for us . . . and this time I mean it (unless of course I get one from my swap partner!) Here is a quick peek of how it is looking.
Also so excited to get some Heather Ross prints that Amber and I ordered from Spoonflower in the Sateen. I am thrilled we choose to go for it, the prints look wonderful!
Okay off to help in Max's class . . . we are making applesauce.


megan said...

Don't you just love Bliss? At first I thought it was a little too "old fashioned" but I got some anyways to make a quilt for my mom's birthday, but now I love it! Your partner is going to love that skirt! And I really wish my group would've ordered the sateen too - oh well, next time.

megan said...
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Nova said...

Love the sneak peek!
Can't wait to see what you get up to with that macaroni love - it's soooo cute.
ps I want an outfit just like Ellie's! adorable - the girls got style ;) x

izzy inspired said...

I stumbled across the pictures of your babies on flickr and just had to tell you how absolutely adorable they are!! I especially love the one of your daughter giving her brother a big hug. So endearing. It put a smile on my face and made me wanna break out the camera and take some new photos of my babies (which really aren't babies anymore).

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