Friday, September 17, 2010

Love the Urban Home Goods Swap

My favorite part of the swap is waiting for the partner I made for to receive the package. Upon awaking this am, I saw that over in Australia a little package arrived for my fabulous swap partner, Miss Nova . . . and she loved it! Her blog, a cuppa and a catch up, has been a staple of creative inspiration for me. I must admit I was a little worried about my abilities when making for one of the flickr rockstars, but after posting a few photos in the pool, Nova was always one of the first people to jump in with sweet comments and she even *favored* a few of the items. So I decided I am at least a flickr solid karaoke singer and I wouldn't fret, but just have fun!
Isn't it great participating in these swaps and knowing that unlike your critical mother-in-law or pregnant friend who you are pretty sure would rather have a gift from a store, you are making something special for someone who appreciates it? I love that part of the swaps!
So Nova mentioned she liked gray, blue, green with a touch of red . . . which is a favorite combo for me as well. I had so much fun breaking out some fabric that often sits on the sidelines and watches . . . grey and blue seeds and some large blue bouquet. I even cut into a Aunt Cookie panel. It made me want to sew with fabrics I love more often and really I have been the last couple weeks! I vow to continue and it is Sew with your FMF month, as proclaimed by Amy of Badskirt.
Here is what I sent to Nova.
The craft or craft show apron, tea cozy, mug rug and a bunting with her name. The cream and sugar set is my personal tea time favorite and I found another set at a fun new kitchen store . . . so thought it had to be sent as well.
here is a full view of the bunting
and a complete view of the tea cozy. I used a pattern by Retromama and will be making a few more cozy's, it is a great pattern. She is even having a contest to win the pattern! It fits over my trusty chantal tea pot and keeps the tea nice and warm!
Later today I will take some photos of the wonderful items I received in the swap from Colette and the fun story behind it. Off to photograph hat day at school for the yearbook and then to soccer and swim class with the little kids. So this will be a partial post for now!


Colette said...

Wow all of your goodies turned out amazing! After seeing these babies, you definitely deserve the "rock star" title ;D

megan said...

Nova is a sweetheart and I'm glad someone so deserving got all your gorgeous goodies! I have a Chantal teapot in white too and just love it:)

Rafael's Mum said...

What a fantastic parcel! Love the teacosy.

Nova said...

Miss Kirsten, YOU are a rock star!!!! I feel SO lucky to have been your partner. Thank you for sharing your precious fabrics & all the love & thought that went into these gorgeous goodies, they will be treasured forever. xxx

hazel said...

all these goodies look deserving of anyone, but i know what you mean. iam sure she will love the. I would! and i am picky. they are so lovely and cute.

erica said...

Who wouldn't love these? Gorgeous Kirsten!

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