Friday, July 30, 2010

Eight Years

So hard to believe that Max is 8 today. In someways it seems like only yesterday he arrived on the scene and then on the other hand it seems that he has always been in my life. Can't imagine life without him and am so proud and blessed to be his mother. We had a wonderful pool day with some of our friends - his and mine- and Grandma Sue visiting from Seattle. Five boys, three moms and a few younger siblings thrown in . .. the perfect day and we all had a great time. We had pizza and cake and Max really enjoyed himself. Love this new low key approach and the impromptu birthday party.
After dinner tonight, we had a small family celebration with a cupcake and sparkler candles. These candles make every party lots of fun! Max loved it!
He is such a sweet, fun, loving and often wild boy. Every day he attacks with a energy and zest for life. Steve and I are proud to be his parents.
Looking at this photo taken tonight, I must admit I almost don't recognize him as my baby. He is growing up so fast and I often think . . . he can't be just 8! Then we are often reminded how sweet, young and innocent he is!
Happy Birthday to Max. We love you like crazy!


megan said...

You have a very handsome man there Kirsten. And next time you're all visiting Grandma Sue you should swing out and go wine tasting or we can go fabric shopping!

carmel said...

he is beautiful!!
happy happy birthday! i wish him the best!

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