Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Donkey's in Wellies, Birds in Chairs and a crinkled quilt top

It just makes me giddy with excitement to look at these journals. Giddy. Who would not love to write their inner-most thoughts or mundane to-do list in a journal with a donkey wearing super cute wellies? Just brilliant! The birds on the chairs, well they are pretty cute as well!
I picked these up from Laurie Wisburn's ETSY shop, Scarlet Fig, and must say they will be hard to let go of. I had intended to use them as gifts and now I am sure at least one is a gift to my favorite person, me! So stinking CUTE.
It is H - O - T . . . HOT today here in Upstate New York. At noon the temp gauge on the car read 101 and I failed to mention it is humid too. I am really missing the Pacific Northwest on days like today! We have been in the pool for days and when not actually in the pool, thinking of when we can jump back in. Sewing has been a stolen moment here or there.
Here is what I have been working on. This is the quilted side that we will sit on and the other side is a cotton laminated Nicey Jane print. I am not sure how practical this picnic throw/quilt will be, but it sure is going to look cute! My idea is for one side to be wipeable and can go on the grass and then we will sit on the cozy soft quilted side.
I have the cotton laminate cut and squared. Just finished sewing the strips to make up the quilted side together and then quilted diagonal lines going both ways. Then I washed it to get that puckered quilted goodness going . . . next up is layering the two sides and sewing on the binding and then finishing it off by hand.
It will be interesting to see how it holds up. Although you can wash laminated cotton in a washing machine, many advise against it. I am hoping I can always just wipe down the laminated side and not spill anything on the quilted side . . . if I end up having to wash it, then I will cross that bridge . . . Washing is said to cause wrinkles in the laminated cotton and they can be relaxed by warming the product in the sun or using a low heat iron on the cotton side.
I hope to have it finished in time for a Teddy Bear picnic at camp later this week and will get some photos!
The kids and I have been loving the pool the last few days, I even grabbed the camera for a bit!
Hope if you are facing the heat, you find some cool shade, a nice breeze or some water to cool off in!


Rafael's Mum said...

Those notebooks are cute! donkies in wellies... you just have to think it up! lol! Lovely photos of the kids. Why don't you make a minisquare with laminated one side and cloth the other and chuck it in the washingmachine and see what happens? You are bound to have spills if you eat on your picnic rug... If it comes out not so good you might want to use it for sitting only and put a secondary washable one on the top for eating, which you then can fold (crums and all) away when you are finished?

Three Dancing Magpies said...

Love the way you think!

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